The ability to use a computer keyboard to input information is essential in today’s workplace. Through keyboard typing practice and drills which teach  the numeric keypad, Paramount Adult School trains students in these basic skills.

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If you’ve used a laptop, tablet or smartphone to access social media, play video games or pay your bills, you might wonder why you need a keyboarding course. The answer is in how computers are used in the workplace.

For example, suppose you apply for a job that requires you to complete documents in Microsoft Word. Without keyboarding experience, you probably have a much slower typing speed than applicants who have strong keyboarding skills. You’ll probably be required to take a keyboarding test to prove those skills.learn how to type

The Keyboarding/10-Key Course at Paramount Adult School will teach you how using the home keys on a keyboard increases both speed and accuracy. You’ll learn how to place your fingers on the keys and the proper method of keystroking for best results. You’ll also learn where the service keys are located and their uses. One more skill you’ll gain is how to keep your keyboard and computer well-maintained for daily use.

Imagine acing your keyboarding test at an interview, proving you’re familiar with computers, and you’ll understand how a keyboarding course can equip you for success. The keyboard typing practice involved with this course will help you gain confidence, speed and accuracy.

What if you’re applying for an Accounting Clerk position? In addition to requiring keyboarding skills to prepare documents and reports, you will also need to know how to quickly and accurately perform calculations on the keyboard’s numeric keypad.

The Keyboarding/10-Key Course includes a training segment for learning the layout of the numeric keypad, and leads you through practice drills that increase your ability to perform calculations ‘by touch’. As with all courses offered at Paramount Adult School, you’ll find yourself in a supportive atmosphere geared toward building the skills you need for real-world success.  

Gaining mastery of the computer keyboard and the ways it can be used to perform business functions equips you to take the first step toward a wide variety of careers. For students hoping to improve or learn 10-key skills, taking the same course will help you not only to pass 10-key testing in an interview, but also to perform accounting functions more quickly and accurately on the job.




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